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OD-MAXILINE ( Horizontal Lifeline System )

  • OD-MAXILINE is a permanent Horizontal Lifeline System. It is a versatile system made of aluminum, stainless steel components, and stainless steel rope. 
  • OD-MAXILINE  is permanently fixed to the structure and provides the user with a permanent anchorage (safety point) on  roofs, crane roads, crane tops, and on-vehicle which are the areas where there is a high risk of falling.
OD MAXILINE Yatay yasam hatti EN FINAL


It is the first and only horizontal lifeline system with aluminum components and stainless steel components in the world.

The distance between the two anchors is at most 25 meters. With this feature, it requires the least intervention to the structure to be assembled. It also offers an economical solution to its users.

  • OD-MAXILINE is produced, tested, and certified with EN 795: 2012 Type C and CEN / TS 16415: 2013 standards.
  • OD-MAXILINE is suitable for 6 people to work at the same time.
  • OD-MAXILINE is produced from 4 meters to desired meters.
  • OD-MAXILINE allows uninterrupted passage on the line with the specially designed OD-GLD slider that does not allow any deformation caused by friction on the lifeline rope.
  • OD-MAXILINE  provides maximum safety in areas where there is a risk of explosion with its non-sparking feature.

  • OD-MAXILINE provides easy tension control with its special tension meter design.


EN795:2012 TYPE C
CEN TS 16415:2013

Maximum No of Users

Maksimum 6 Kullanıcı

Maximum Distance

Maximum Distance 25 meter

Force Directions


Installation Substructure

Ripped Ceiling / Hollow Core
Trapezoidal Sheeting
Lightweight Concrete
Seams Roofs
Bituman / Plastic Membrane
Profile Roofs
On Vehicle