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OD-VERTILINE (Vertical Lifeline System)

  • OD-VERTILINE is the first and only vertiline lifeline system with aluminium components and stainless steel components in the world.
  • OD-VERTILINE has been designed with the maximum safety understanding in a way that it can be installed on all nautical type vertical ladders and ensure that the connected personnel work in constant safety.


It is permanently fixed to fixed stairs, tower tops, masts, lighting towers, chimneys and many other vertical structures, allowing personnel to anchor (safe safety point) along the line to operate safely.

It prevents damage to the system with its special apparatus designed to eliminate the effect of wind at 30 meters and above.

  • OD-VERTILINE   is produced, tested, and certified with  EN-353-1:2014 + A1:2017.
  • OD-VERTILINE provides easy tension control with its special tension meter design.
  • OD-VERTILINE is suitable for 3 people to work at the same time.
  • OD-VERTILINE provides maximum safety in areas where there is a risk of explosion with its non-sparking feature.
  • OD-VERTILINE allows uninterrupted passage on the line with the specially designed OD-VLG rope holder and does not allow any deformation caused by friction on the vertical lifeline rope.


EN 353-1:2014+1:2017

Maximum No of Users

Maximum 3 Users

Force Directions


Installation Substructure